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    English answer 6


    Sep 22, 2022
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    1. Let me help you translate
      The modern sailboats are not going across the sea by one person. He is the Portuguese of Prince Henry, the youngest son of Portuguese and an English princess.
      I Henry lived in the fifteenth century. As a boy, he has become a sail that is dedicated to improving the design of ships and methods. In 1416, he was in 2002. Henry founded a school for sailors, and he invited everyone to help him Jewish astronomers, Italian and Spanish sailors and Arab mathematicians and maps. The compass of crude oil is one day and can improve it.
      Henry's goal is to design and equipment ships, which will make long -term ocean navigation no need to close ashore. The Caravel, which was helpful to design, carried out more sailboats, extended, and more slim than any ship, and then made it, but at that time, it was not tough enough to stand up and oppose it. The windy weather was mostly at sea. He also developed Carrack, which is a slow boat, but it is said that it can be equipped with more goods.
      Per credit in the world, in order to develop a process and make marine exploration. Henry led the aircraft in history.
      56. Henry's leader is a member of the royal family.
      Answer: England
      is the Aragnal
      I Italy
      four Portuguese
      57. Prince Henry started his school as a purpose.
      : Help sailors
      . Increase ship design and sailing movement method
      long learning astronomy and mathematics
      four to improve their skills, a sailor
      58. Teachers seem to be in Prince Henry's school.
      : Members of the royal family
      The celebrities, sailor and map manufacturer
      The long ship
      four, all the above
      59. Prince Henry's goal is to be designed through the possible ship.
      Answer: For long -term deep -sea voyage
      A travel speed than those used in use
      three, explore the coastline Portuguese
      four, carry out larger personnel and more goods, Compared with the existing
      60. The best title is for this choice.
      Answer: The first modern navigation ship
      I sailors
      The role of the three prince Henry, shipbuilding in history
      , the first school, for the sailor

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