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    Game Raiders Seek Translation Section 11


    Sep 23, 2022
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    1. Move the pictures close to the door to the lobby and activate it, so you enter the picture. Then go to the second floor. Turn right, pass the game room, defeat a spider. Now you are in the center, shoot some ghosts.
      The electric light switch on the opposite side of the big picture.
      The is a handle next to the center of the big picture, but now you ca n’t use it.

      The 15 ghosts
      1. The second layer. There is a vase at the end of the left. (4)
      The hidden room next to the game room.
      ? Seeing the handle? Activate it to get 10fc.
      2 . The second layer. There is a vase at the end of the right. (4)
      3. The first layer. The left chair. (4)
      4. )

      In a ghost on the decorative lights on the top.
      but you can't talk to it because you can't get close to it. r
      For reference only 🙂

    2. The photo moves to the gate of the Great Hall of the People next to it. Start it, you will get to the second floor. Go to the second floor. Drop the right, crushing the spider through the game room. Now your core, take some ghosts. . There is a big picture center, but you can't take the true portrayal of it. -15 Alcohol 1. The second floor. The square bottle left. -4-. Go to the processing? (10) Give full use of its frame inspection sequence acceptance. 2. The right of the last square bottle. -4-, u003C1> duelist area. 3. The left side of the chair. -4-. 4. 1 Lou. The right side of the chair. -3-. The chandeliers above the ghost. But you can't because he can't follow you.

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