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    How does Apple mobile phone do not jailbreak virtual positioning?


    Sep 23, 2022
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    1. Principles, we use the map data in the backup data to add a virtual positioning buttons to bring the built -in map. This method supports all devices of iOS7-IOS10. After the virtual positioning is finished, the position is fixed to death and will not move with the mobile phone. To restart the real positioning and restart the phone; this positioning supports any third -party app.
      If Note:
      Idmaked a backup file before modifying to prevent the important information of the mobile phone when the modification error causes the error to be recovered;
      When modifying the file As a result, it cannot be recovered;
      After modifying the file, if the Aisi Assistant prompts to recover the error and cause it to be unable to recover, it means that the modification is wrong. Please check if the file and content of the modification are correct. Unable to modify the positioning.
      Plip operation method:
      download and install Aisi assistant. After connecting the mobile phone to Aisi Assistant, click "Backup/Recovery" in "Device Information", click "Full Backup" to back up the phone; r; r; r; r; r; r;
      After the backup is completed, click the "Backup File Management" of the "Backup and Restore" interface above, find the data just backup, and click "Check it immediately"; Pull down in the "Application Game" column and find the applicin-com.apple.maps folder, double-click to open;
      and then open library/in turn, you can see the com.apple.maps.plist file inside, double-click to open; R n Plugs the following interface, the page is dragged to the bottom, and the two lines of code u003C/dict> and u003C/Plist> are written on these two lines:
      u003Ckey> __ internal __ u003C/key>
      above code can be directly copied and pasted, as shown in the following figure; after the modification is completed, click "Save" in the upper left corner;
      In the next step Always; click "Full Recovery Data" of the "Backup/Recovery" interface, select the backup that just modified, click "Immediate Recovery", wait for the progress bar to complete, the mobile phone restarts, the great achievement is achieved; View the address, the Simation Location option will appear at the bottom, and then the camouflage will be completed after clicking; then the positioning of all apps will be this virtual position.

      The reference materials
      Aisi assistant:/news_detail_11157

    2. There are many ways to modify the positioning of the mobile phone. The function of the iOS system is very simple to find a friend. The following describes how iOS modifies the foundation for finding friends. Android and iOS friends can see the following Baidu experience, more detailed tutorials and download address
      mobile phones Modifying location-Baidu Experience

      1, download and install
      2, modify to Beijing
      3, modify successfully
      4, turn on the mobile phone with the map to see if you modify
      Summary of summary At this time, the location of our mobile phone has been changed. Open the chess and card game you want to play to achieve the positioning modification function. Is it very simple?

    3. Free version, no need to jailbreak modification position
      What to modify the location? I don't need to introduce this, right? There are many benefits for example: Modify the location of Qinqin Pickings. Wife check the post. Modify the game chess and card location, etc. ...
      It figures software usage:
      1. Open the software, connect to the phone, the system display has been connected to successfully display the system. Identification.

      2. Click to select the coordinate button. If the system opens the map, you can choose the place coordinate that needs to be located. Select every time virtual positioning.

      3. After saving, the coordinates are automatically brought back to the original operating page. If you need to fine -tune Just click to modify the positioning normally.

      . Successful positioning, Gaode map positioning Beijing, no problem. R. R. R. R. R. R. R. R. n

      5. If you need to return to your true position, click the restore positioning to directly restore the actual positioning (or restart the mobile phone directly, and you will return to the real and actual positioning. )

      The download address Search YZCSC

    4. Too strong, you can position it with one click without having to jailbreak iPhone!

      n Shortcut keys to describe space: Play/ pause ESC: Exit full screen ↑: increased by 10% ↓: A amount of volume decreases 10% →: Single fast forward 5 seconds ←: Press 5 seconds in a single fast retreat. You can re -open the small window in the player settings and play the error, please refresh your try

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