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    Seeking basketball terminology (English)


    Sep 23, 2022
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    1. NBA various shooting methods

      (SLAM) nk: (powerful) slam dunk

      bank shot: rub the cricket
      n double pump: pull rod type type Shooting (VERB)

      Fade-Away Shot: back-up jumps

      hook shot: Hook shooting

      jump shot: jumper

      layup: Bringing the ball layup

      Perimeter shop: mid-range shot

      set shot : Three -point ball

      NBA various statistical terms

      Assist: help

      block shot: blocking, cover hot pot

      defensive rebound: Defensive rebound

      Field Goal: Penal hit rate

      Field Goal: Packing
      n free throw Rate

      free Throw: Punish offensive rebound: offensive rebounds

      rebound: rebound
      n scoring: score
      n n STEAL: Drip

      the three-point shop: three-pointer hit rate

      turnover: mistakes

      ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------ ---------------------rnrn  场地装备篇rnrn  backboard:篮板rnr n back count: backcourt

      freeThrow lane: penalty area, the restricted area
      n freeThrow line: penalty line
      n fRONT COURT: frontcourt

      Game clock: Clock in the game

      Halftime: midfield rest time

      hoop: basket frame, basket circle
      n mid- Court: Midfield

      net: Net

      Painted area: Punishment circle, restricted area
      nas neaa R the Basket: The small circle area under the basket of the penalty area

      RIM: basket frame, basket circle
      n scoring table: record table, stacking table

      Shot clock: The limit clock (the offensive party must shoot within 24 seconds, and the ball must touch the basket, otherwise the
      n n
      the three-point line: three points (ball) Line

      Top of the circle: near the top three (ball) line near the top of the penalty area

      wing: (left, right) bottom line area

      ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ -------------------------------rnrn  规则篇rnrn  blocking Foul: Blocking fouls

      Buzzer: (for competition) Bee tweeper (indicating the end of time, replacement ... and so on)
      n charging forel: Culpric)

      dead Ball: Dead ball (stop game period)

      defensive basket: Defensor interfere with the shot
      n delay of game: Obstruct the game Normally,

      : 犯 之 之 之, "graduation"

      double dribble: Two dribbles (illegal)
      n ejection: Exit appearance

      elbowing: Touring

      (of game, first half…): (The game, the first half of the game) n first hashf: The first half

      first (second, third, foursrth) Period: The first, third, fourth) of the game
      n file ticks Left On the (Game CLOCK, Shot Clock ...): (the whole game, the time limit ...) Only 5 seconds left

      flagrant fire: malignant foul

      foul: Foul

      Foul out: 犯 n n, "graduation"

      forel try: I will leave the field, "get a quasi -graduate certificate"

      full timeout: full time ( 100 seconds) Paradse

      : Drives the shot

      hand-checking: Push the opponent's offensive player's foul action

      helpd ball: Holding the ball (both the two sides do not put the ball)

      ILlegal Defense: Defensive

      ILlegal OFFENSE: Attack violations

      isolation: The four offensive players are on the side, and the fifth player eats the opponent's defensive player

      jump Ball: The ball, jumper

      Loose ball foul: Both sides have no holding The foul during the ball (usually occurs when the two sides are competing for rebounds)

      Offensive basket: The offensive interference to shoot
      n out of? Outside)

      overtime: overtime, extension of the playoffs

      referee: referee

      Second half: the second half
      n shot CLOCK VIOLATION: The provisions of the time limit for the time limit of the time limit for the time limit of the time limit of the time limit for the time limit of the time limit for the time limit of the time limit of the ball (play, end)
      n: Stop the game (and of which Penalties)

      technical fire: Technical foul

      ten-seacond violation: The offensive party illegal illegal against the midfield in 10 seconds

      Three-SECOND VIOLATION: (Under the basket) 3 seconds of illegal law

      Throw a punch: Fisting

      Throw in: serving

      traveleing: (with the ball) Walking

      twenty-sexd timeout: Only 20 seconds of pause

      Walking: (with the ball) walking

      ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

      Backdoor Cut: Tactics from the bottom line from both sides

      block out: block the opponent's player so that it is not easy to be strong to basketball games, card position
      cut: Cut in r r r r

      Double Team: Use two defensive players to attack players

      dribble out the time: The offensive side consumes the remaining time in the game

      Eat up the clock : The offensive side consumes the rest of the game by dribbling or passing the game

      FAST BREAK: Fast attack

      forel strategy: Fulled tactics

      give and go: (offensive players holding players) Cutting tactics

      Jockey for posity: (under the basket) card position

      Milk the time away: Or the time for passing the ball to consume the rest of the game

      one-one-one defense: people's stare defense

      pick and roll ) Store tactics

      Post-up play: (Equels holding the ball player back to the basket) Single-up to eat the opponent's defensive players

      Triple Team: Three defensive players bags Cold player

      ZONE DEFENSE: Regional defense, regional joint defense

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