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    What are the iOS version of the landlord game?


    Sep 23, 2022
    One thought on “What are the iOS version of the landlord game?”
    1. The Landlord Game iOS version has Tencent's happy landlord, jj fighting landlord.
      The version of the landlord of iOS fighting landlords has to mention the landlord. It is a national -level real -time play chess and card mobile game carefully created by Tencent Games for players. Tiandi Xunzi, etc., is characterized by the game of landlords and farmers and strategies.
      The game is also based on the traditional rules, and the gameplay of "Happy Bean" points is added, which makes players more strategic on the basis of rich card types, because aircraft, bombs, king fried and other familiar card type can be able Let you turn the sky at the same time, you can also double the bean points.
      The method of increasing the main winning rate of playing ground:
      1, the fighting place is mainly good at memorizing cards. The cards must be always through the entire game.
      2, the fighting place is mainly good at analyzing cards. Generally, after the master of the landlord comes out three laps, you can probably say the distribution of some cards. This is the result of the analysis.
      3, the fighting place is mainly good at changing cards. For example, if he is afraid of the order, you can remove the right son; you will come out if you need what you need.
      4, we must be good at top cards on the landlord. There are many such cards. After the landlord is issued, there are not much big cards to win. At the same time, the top card must be organically combined with the replacement card.
      5, be good at leaving small cards after the landlord. One of the necessary prerequisites for playing such a card is to have big names or fried. When you are the landlord, you are the landlord, and you have to cover the cards quickly. When you have a card left to the family, you can send him out and send him out.

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