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    What are the rules of the "80 points" game?


    Sep 22, 2022
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    1. Sub -cards:

      5, 10 and K in the upgraded game are dividends, 5 represents 5 points, 10 represents 10 points, K also represents 10 points. A total of 200 points, 300 points for three payments. In the game, each side must be captured as much as possible. The bonus deducted in the card is doubled according to the winner's card when calculating.


      After the card is finished, 25 cards are won each when playing two cards, and the remaining 8 cards are cards. After turning the master, the dealer took the cards, and replaced the eight cards that the dealer didn't need as the new card as the new card. If there is a point with a hole card, the dealer should try to ensure that he will not be arrested.


      The cards in each game have one as the dealer. The dealer has the first card of the card and the first round of cards. The dealer in the first game is the main party. The purpose of being a dealer is to use the privilege of the dealer to try not to allow the opponent to get the score. After the end of the game, the new dealer was determined based on the score of the score.

      The home:

      The upgraded game is involved in a total of 4 players. For example, the home to the right is the right, and the right below is the top of the home.


      The dealer and the house to form the dealer.

      The grasp recipe:

      The square and the dealer, if the upper and lower part is the dealer, the left and right parties are grasping the party. On the contrary, when the left and right are the dealers, the upper and lower part is the grasp of the division.


      The upgraded game continues to upgrade from the beginning of the game. At the end of each game, the upgrade is determined according to the score of the grasped party. The current level of the dealer is the level card. For example: the level of the dealer at the beginning is 2, indicating that 2 is the level of the bureau, and all the cards are the main cards. If the dealer's level rises to K, then K will become a level card.

      The main flower color:

      After the card is over, each party can be turned out of the grade according to the card situation, and the grade color of the final card is the main flower color. The main flower color cards are the main cards.

      Main cards:

      The main card consists of the king and the little king (Joker), the grade card, and the main flower color card.

      Paying cards:

      Except for the main card, other cards are payment cards.


      The cards only appear when playing two cards.

      The tractor:

      The two pairs or more pairs of the same color of the same color color to make up the tractor with the same color.


      At the end of the end of the game, if the last round of cards won by the grabbing party, called the bottom. At the bottom of the deduction, the points of the cards must be more than doubled to the score of the grabbing party, but if the card of the grabbing contains a pair of cards, the score in the core card should be calculated at 4 times. Based on 8 times calculations, push this type, double the pair of points.

      Inned cards:

      The first round of cards were first issued by the dealer


      If it is not the first player, the first color must be produced when the card is released. For example: the first one out of red peaches, if you have red peaches, you must first produce red peaches;

      Is when there is no first card to make a card, you can use the main card to kill;

      The first one can be a tractor alone, a pair of single cards;

      The first combination of tractors in the same flower color, pair and single card, but must be guaranteed to maximize;

      If the first card contains tractors, other prescriptions if there is a tractor with the same flower color, you must produce a tractor;
      If there is the same color matching, the right color must be performed;

      If the first card contains a tractor or the right, the other party must also produce the corresponding number of tractors when trying to kill with the main card. He is right;

      In the departure of all parties, the winner is calculated.


      The final score of the grabbing party, determining the result of the upgrade

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