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    What do you say in English?


    Sep 23, 2022
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    1. Ghost English words: ghost.
      n -English [gəʊst] beauty [Goʊst]
      nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn. Ghost; (especially the terrible things) memory; a little bit; (on the TV screen) heavy shadow.
      vt. Traveling quietly.
      GHOST HOUSE Ghost Ghost House; heterogeneous space; Ghost House
      ghost bat Australian fake blood -sucking bat; ; Ghost Detective; Ghost Ghost
      example sentences
      1, becape the ghost says them to me. I never see him, but.
      because this ghost said to me. I have never seen him.
      2, when can I see you and not your ghost?
      Why can I see you instead of your ghost?

      1, shadow
      hero [ʃædəʊ] beauty [ʃædo]
      n. Shadow; shadow; ghost; asylum; hidden place
      vt. It indicates
      vi. Turbish darkest
      adj. The shadow cabinet
      eye shadow eyeshadow; eye shadow brush; large smoky brush
      shadow cabinet shadow cabinet; R nshadow biosphere shadow biosphere; biosphere; light shading effect
      2, genie
      Putting the orange girl; rock orange
      mattress geenie mattress partner
      game geenie game elf; gold finger; game Zhuo Wenxuan

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