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    What is the game plus


    Sep 23, 2022
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    1. Game Canada is an essential software for gaming such as showing FPS, high -definition game video, ultra -clear game screenshots, hardware monitoring, performance analysis, hot -key shielding, and world clock. Compared with other software on the market, the function is stronger and the operation is easier.
      Pucting data
      It 5 minutes before recording the video, in the case of 30 frames, the file size is about 100m, which is convenient for uploading. The computer is at 16G memory configuration.
      Igly, just press the hot key at this time, the game plus will help you save the video video between 5-600 seconds before pressing the video key.
      In the use of the Ctrl TAB key in the game to call the built -in console (the location of this window can be dragged at will)

      adjusts the settings you need. No need to save.

      The reference information game plus official website

    2. Game Jiajia is a game optimization software. Now the new international version of the function is more powerful.
      The game running points -can directly test the performance of the computer in the game Canada. Based on the player's big data for the game independent running test, evaluating the performance of the computer in this game. Let users understand the matching degree of the game and their own computer configuration.
      The screen custom -meet the needs of different users of the screen, adding a customized solution to the screen, can adjust the different parameters of the screen in the game, and give users a personalized visual setting. Among the original visual enhancement functions, there are only four basic presets. The current international version is added to the screen custom. Users to adjust the picture parameters: sharpness, enhancement of picture quality curves, enhancement of sharpness, sharp edges, special effects of halo bloom, and enhancement of brightness. Assistant -New feature barrage assistant is a function for anchor. It allows fans to directly display the barrage sent by fans on the game screen of the anchor, so that the anchor's comment on fans can be feeded in time, which is very conducive to the feedback of the fans, which is very conducive to the feedback of the fans, which is very conducive to the feedback of the fans. The interaction between anchors and fans. The barrage assistant is a very targeted function. It mainly solves the problem that the anchor cannot display the screen with the game when the anchor is broadcast on the live broadcast.
      The previous functions were also optimized.
      For example, the game accelerates this, and on the basis of the original, further increase the speed and set the computer system into a state that is most suitable for the game. There is also a computer hardware display. In the game, you can see the performance of the computer when the game is running. In addition, the video recording screenshot function has also been strengthened.
      The game plus is a very useful game auxiliary software.

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