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    What kind of business is easy to do now.


    Sep 23, 2022
    2 thoughts on “What kind of business is easy to do now.”
    1. What is the most profitable in 2009? From 2003 to 2008, the online game industry was included in the top ten profiteering industries for six consecutive years. NetEase's founder Ding Lei: "Online games are the acts of thousands of income every day." Giant Internet Shi Yuzhu: "This is an industry flowing with milk and honey. Now the most profitable in the entire Internet industry is the Internet game".
      The penetration rate among nearly 300 million netizens across the country currently reached about 60%! Among them, the penetration rate among netizens is about 40%.
      The dream of your entrepreneurship through online chess! There is no need to own tens of millions of funds, nor do you need to hire new technical developers. Picking up the Internet () sincerely serve you, transform your love for chess and card games into your capital to create a successful career. Panzhuan has been committed to the development of online chess and card games for many years, and has successfully developed nearly a hundred chess and cards and leisure games for users in various places. It has been accepted by users and has been well received by users.
      It also provides Flash version of webpage chess and card game source code and programs, video version of chess and card game source code and programs for sale, please log in for details.
      (1), chess and card games have a generous historical and cultural heritage, huge mass foundation (China Millennium National Censity -Mahjong, Chess, Go, etc.)! Chess and card games are different from characters and large -scale online games, chess and card games are more regular and simple, and
      (2) Performing the most stable user group in chess and card games at any time Interested in online games (usually 6-9 months), but not forever, but chess and card games can ensure that a user always likes and use it (playing mahjong, fighting landlords can play one night).
      (3) The threshold of the chess and card game industry is low: the good prospects and benefits of chess and card games have attracted many domestic investors, and 3,5 people can run a chess and card game platform to buy a program.
      (4), strong local characteristics: Because different provinces have their own unique cultural characteristics, various provinces also have the rules that are popular in their own regions different from other provinces. This chess and card game is defined as a local chess and card game.
      (5) Regional entertainment is likely: From the perspective of market competition, the previous division method of provinces as a unit can no longer meet the current competitive requirements, and different users in different cities cannot be fully met. From a macro environment, the acceleration of China's urbanization process also requires regional entertainment. The division of the local chess and card market is mainly based on cities, which is accelerated with the process of urbanization in China. The acceleration of economic development of small and medium -sized cities is synchronized. In addition, the development of local economy has driven local regional media and regional entertainment.

    2. What are the best business now
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