• Fri. Oct 7th, 2022

    Why guide fun chess and cards to become a competitive sports project for society?


    Sep 22, 2022
    3 thoughts on “Why guide fun chess and cards to become a competitive sports project for society?”
    1. Chess and cards such as chess, military chess, Go, landlords, etc., actually represent a traditional culture of our country. It is recognized and promoted by society, which is conducive to our cultural value output.
      This sports and competitive teams are very high in age and physical fitness. Even in e -sports, MOBA professional players have a very short life. The chess and cards are even more testing our intelligence, strategy, reasoning, etc., and there are not high restrictions on age and body indicators. This also provides a way for more people to enjoy the charm of competitive sports.
      The activities that the people like to hear and see, chess and card sports have a wider audience and lower thresholds. It can greatly promote the development of the sports industry.
      The above answers to pure hands, hope to adopt ~

    2. Give full play to the supervision of competitive functions for the management platform of competitive chess and card service. The masses have a rich mass foundation for chess and card games, and they can be seen everywhere. Fully enhanced the guarantee of supporting public policies and rules on fairness and justice. The Internet now has a great impact on humans, fully expands the technological advantages of networked, and then promotes the overall benign operation of competitive events and green healthy development.

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